Submersible UVC lamp system

For germ reduction of water and for suspended algae destruction "made in Germany".

Proven in drinking water disinfection, the akari ultra UVC immersion heater adapted to the requirements of koi farms. It has already been tried and tested for many years in the professional sector and is reliably in use at several hundred ponds in Europe.

High-quality amalgam doping, separate electronic ballast with soft start, special coating for long useful life and very high output with short overall length are advantages offered by akari ultra lamps. A waterproof cast screw connection of the electric cable to the lamp head made of the highest quality stainless steel/Inox 1.4571 is a matter of course for this premium product and offers electrical protection class IP68 with grounding. Thus, the akari ultra immersion lamp is fully submersible in water.

Combined with a control cabinet to house the electronic ballast, a ground fault circuit interrupter, and an hour meter, the akari ultra immersion heater provides a professional solution for significantly reducing germ pressure and simultaneously removing suspended algae in ponds and koi tanks.

High useful life approx. 12,000 h – 16,000 h operating hours (average radiation decay approx. 25 %)

Scope of delivery akari ultra:

  • Immersion tube with diameter 30 mm
  • UVC lamp (available in 80 W, 150 W and 180 W versions)
  • Suitable electronic ballast
  • 5 m connection cable made of waterproof PVC
  • Switch cabinet (with FI circuit breaker and operating hours counter)

Available variants

akari ultra immersion floodlights are supplied with an electrically tested control box (optionally in stainless steel/Inox), which contains a very high quality and safe electronic ballast that has an integrated fault monitoring system.

For the proper functioning of the system, it is imperative that the electrical connections are made carefully. Unless the units are connected via a system control or function monitoring, the power supply must be protected with a residual current circuit breaker <30 mA.

The system is designed for 230 V, but can easily be operated at 110 V by means of a transformer.

Attention. akari ultra-submersible UVC units are high power emitters:

akari ultra submersible UVC are exclusively for use in closed containers designed. Do not mount directly in the koi pool or in the filter system, but in a separate pump chamber, for example. During installation, it must also be ensured that during ongoing operation of the akari ultra immersion lamp no direct radiation can reach the eyes of a viewer. Even  in the immediate vicinity could indirectly damage the eyes if radiation leaks out.